Centrophenoxine powder (3685-84-5) hplc≥98% – Nootropics Wisepowder

Centrophenoxine powder (3685-84-5) hplc≥98% – Nootropics Wisepowder Chemical Base Information Name Centrophenoxine powder CAS 3685-84-5 Purity 98% Chemical name (p-chlorophenoxy)aceticacid2-(dimethylamino)ethylesterhydrochloride;235anphydrochloride;acefen;aceticacid,(4-chlorophenoxy)-,2-(dimethylamino)ethylester,hydrochloride;aceticacid,(p-chlorophenoxy)-,2-dimethylaminoethylester,hydrochloride;amipolen;brenal;cellative Synonyms Meclofenoxate Hydrochloride; Meclofenoxate HCl; Meclofenoxate; Centrophenoxine hydrochloride; Cerutil, Lucidril; Helfergin; Marucotol;Acefen; Atsefen; Brenal; Molecular Formula C12H17Cl2NO3 Molecular Weight…


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Ketamine Treatment Denver – IV Ketamine Denver

Ketamine Treatment Denver Searching for Ketamine treatment in Denver? Klarisana Denver is our newest center and represents a sort of homecoming for Klarisana given that this is where Dr. Bonnett, our founder, did his emergency medicine training. #KetamineTreatmentDenver #KetamineKetamine…